The Warmth of Sydney Glane

“Just leave it alone.” I tell myself
Did he leave her lonely? No, that was me
This is her non-stop carhop
With no tip, her lip quivers;
closer to the edge, where she was pushed,
but made to jump on her own

She was my...
4th kiss, 3rd love, 2nd chance, 1st time
And, oh, the love... all the love
Full of ways, we’d wings to run with
But, we lived life too fast; couldn’t take back a single tear
And, I’m just like everyone else
now that she sees me like everyone else does
Our only affirmation of any leftover love
is not hanging up the phone when we’d like to
She’s like a clean sock in a cartoon
And, we’ll finish love without acting it out
We give only as needed, and aren’t overrun by the feeling

She was playing by the rules when she left me
She was the only fair fight I’ve known
Her brother is here on the weekends, talking up my storms
And, I listen; so far from over everything about her

Timber, I’ve fallen for a heart without eyes
To hell with those think-tank alibis
So much within me; no way to let it out
No, I didn’t discover a neon moon
What we shared was authentic
Now, if only my passion were as neat as those firecrackers she found

My eyes are ready to open; ready to see her, I am
For, two dreamers with dreams might make realities
But there’s a loveless memory in the depths of this young lady
She’ll crook my teeth, and suck blood from my bruise
I placed a tear in the envelope, which is sure to dry
before she finds it there (to better it, or break it away)
And, where she once heard all that I shouldn’t have to say,
there is only cold noise
for the black and white mimes

Poetry from Fancy Gravity by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com