Audiobooks, 2018 Updates, and More

I'm in the process of re-releasing updated versions of every last one of my books. The 20+ journals will now have improved interiors (including artwork), along with some fine-tuning of function. The poetry collections are being revisited; some for the first time since I was a teenager. And, the game books are undergoing passes to ensure maximum fun, clarity, and consistency.

To celebrate the release of 'A Bar in Brooklyn' (my latest poetry collection), I've begun recording audiobook versions of all 9 books. Please visit my YouTube page to hear what I've already completed. As I finish with each, I plan to release them on Audible and Spotify (etc.).

Some never-before-seen content is also being added to my 2 hardbacks ('The Shallow Waters of Heaven' and 'The Safe Side of Hell'). You can check the 'Books' tab of my website at any time (www.shanewindham.com/books) to see which updates have already gone live, and which haven't.

A lot of content has been added to the playlists of my Spotify artist page, and I hope you'll find those worthy of a follow. My 3 music albums may be heard for free there too, and I'm happy to say that the 4th ('February Thunder') should be up by the end of 2018. Lastly, I fully anticipate completion (at long last) of my 1st novel, 'Hopeless Oceans' this year.

It's been an extremely rewarding year, and I'm overjoyed to be doing the things I love full-time again. There's a lot on my plate, but I am still making time to respond routinely to your messages. Thank you for the continued support.

Warmest regards,

PS: I really do appreciate all of you for not spoiling the title of the 'mystery book' for others. There are other mystery publications yet to come!