Here Goes

Take one deep breath
Pull one person close
Say the goddamn words
Cry it out
like the child you once were
would have
And bloody be done with it

Let the color return
Offer no apologies
Don't ever stop
when you start to tremble
For it is best to just break
and remember how easy it can be
to find your feet again

Allow the storm to dance
Feather those suffering wings
Chance a tremendous smile
There is enough hurt in the world
without your dead weight to wield
So let that sad song
find a silver sun

The noose can easily be undone
And the only thing more tragic
than living the tragedy,
is letting it write
the remainder of your lines
Just know that the long way
still gets us home

Dream your way into someone's arms
Die for nothing while life remains
Because here comes hello
And so goes another goodbye
Nothing seems worse
than enduring this ride
Then it ends

So leave that last moment
out of your own hands
Bleed insufferably, if need be
Gray with the days
But all in good time
And fight, that you might
not lose sight of the light


  1. I don't know you but I read your words regularly. This poem has gotten me through some tough times lately. Thank you.

  2. You are very welcome. Thank you for reading.

  3. 18 years I have thought about putting a tattoo over my self inflicted scars. I've never found anything that truly captures what I feel in regards to what I almost did, but chose not to. Now, I have. The last stanza will be tattooed over them. Thank you for giving me the words.