Humans Against Everything

I'm happy to announce that my very first board game will become available to download for free through my website (www.shanewindham.com) by the end of this month. Until I am able to have it professionally packaged and made available for sale through sites like amazon.com, it will come in the form a printable PDF. Simply download, print the sheets, cut the cards out, and dig in!

Some of you know me a little too well to think I could ever release a gaming product with only one game to offer. So, while there is a core game in place, it is worth noting that the overall package will consist of 26 variants of the core experience. That's 27 games in all, using nothing but this printable deck (and a single dice in places).

The primary game is going to be called Humans Against Everything, and takes cues from some of my own favorite social board games; such as Apples To Apples, Bubble Talk, Cards Against Humanity, Loaded Questions, Truth Be Told, etc. The basic premise involves one player drawing a prompt card which all other players must respond to, then have their responses judged to determine a winner. But you'll quickly realize just how varied I've attempted to make this experience, often moving the variations into games of different categories altogether; such as gambling games, drinking games, and so on.

While I can't offer you the PDF quite yet, here is the full list of game names to be expected:
Humans Against Everything
Double Dutch
Jimmy Pop
Mother Russia
Winning Sucks
Thought You Thought
The Nude Olympics
Kitty Litter
Free Markets
Question Marks
Phantom Elimination
Albino Jack
Lady Luck
Overwhelmingly Retarded
Nasty Numbers
Unhappy Hour
Your Mom
But It's Like... An 80's Party

I should make it clear at the outset that this is a game intended for adults only; likely requiring too broad a sense of humor to appeal to even the majority of adults out there. The subject matter of the cards is, in most places, aimed at entertaining individuals who are not easily offended. That having been said, please do not attempt to paint me as subscribing to any particular brand of hatred upon playing the games. Individuals of different genders, races, ages, and beliefs were all involved in the creation of these cards. The game is intended to be satirical, and if you think I've failed to take shots at my own given stereotypes within it then I would encourage you to give the overall package a closer look (pun very much intended).

Anywho, here's hoping you're as excited to play these games as I am about getting them into your hands!

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to read this.

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