I’ve a fistful of you to pleasure violently
You’ve a lockbox of secret wants to unwind
So squirm between my body and the bed
Pretend you hate yourself for needing it

Erupt within that bare body
Spill your breaths out in warm whimpers
Suffer the lethal lust in your bones
For no depth can bury you out of my reach

Wish for nothing, just this once
Beg the wave to subdue your warring brain
Look at me as we slay our maker
And don’t forget to scream

Know that what you were has evolved
Fight if you will it wilder
A man is now fused in your layers
And he has no polite fear of you

Let your nerves bathe in bliss
For my fingers too must feel you
The longing sings its dissonance, and time
has not promised us more than this moment

Like a storm, we'll free fall from the sky
And, into oblivion, yield

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  1. Daunting and breathless. A way with words you have.