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I've been in the habit of designing unique table games (board games, card games, etc.) for some time now. This post is aimed at introducing you both to games I've created and those which are still in the works. I'll try to keep it updated as time passes, and will also provide links for those interested in purchasing any of these games.

This one's being marketed as "a Minecraft inspired role-playing game". Because it involves so many printed materials and written rules for appropriate play, I released this one in book form. It can be purchased on Amazon as a physical paperback and/or an eBook. While I can attest to the fact that this is probably the single most addictive game I've ever put down (assuming you like Minecraft and that light role-playing is your thing), please be aware that what you're buying is a guidebook; you'll have to print or purchase game pieces yourself. That having been said, I'm told it's completely worth the effort.

Don't judge me, but...
If you're anything like me, then playing "I Never" with friends makes for a terrible drinking game. Not only is there not any real gaming element to be found, but (for those who've really been adventurous in their lives) you also end up much more wasted than everyone around you. That's why this goofy little gem struck me as something worthy of existence. There's very little to know about it. It's played just like "I Never", with the only real difference being that you must name something you HAVE done when it's your turn, and only drink when something you haven't done gets said. This means that those who could stand to be a little more outgoing end up more intoxicated by the end of the night. The game element is also simple. Here you've a handful of cards. Each turn you're dealt a random card that you can't look at until the end of the turn. Some cards have point values on them and some don't. You only get the points on the card if you had to drink that turn. So even if you're feeling like the loser who hasn't experienced as much in life, this could be the very thing which wins you the game! Please note that this game does not come in a box.
LINK: $4.99

Fantasy Cardball
Personally, this is my favorite among the games listed here. The idea? Take the fantasy football experience and turn it into a card game. It took some time, but the results speak for themselves. The cool thing about this game is that you don't have to know anything about fantasy football (or even football, in general) to play this. Your goal is to make it to the final round by either scoring the most points or being the first to gain five players from your designated team and then score. Then it's just a point grab between the two teams that make it to the end to see who ends up winning. Apart from none of the player and team names being real, this provides a pretty authentic fantasy football experience. You'll be dropping and picking up players, dealing with injuries, and even handling actions for ball possessions and downs. Don't worry if I just went over your head with that sports lingo. This game is easy to pick up on, and it's a blast to play.
LINK: $24.99

Humans Against Everything
H.A.E. is popular with people who like to laugh. If you've played social games like "Apples to Apples" or "Bubble Talk", then the basic principles of playing and winning will be very familiar to you. One person takes responses to a prompt from all other players, then chooses which is funniest or most appropriate, not knowing who played what. The first person to win 5 prompt cards wins the game. The main difference between most other such games you may have played and this one is that this one is very, very adult. Please take me seriously here, this game is not for children or those who are easily offended. Shock value is a large part of the fun. So if that turns you off, then look elsewhere. But if you're looking for, what is quite possibly, the most purposely insulting game there is, then almost everyone I know would recommend this. There are presently 12 decks available. I'll link you to the 1st deck. If you want to find the others, just change the number at the end of the web address to the deck you're after. Did I mention that there are over 25 variations of the game to be enjoyed? So really H.A.E is much more than just one game. What can I say? My crowd is obsessed. Please note that this game is not boxed (it drives the price up, and there are too many decks for each to have their own box). Card boxes abound online for dirt cheap prices though.
LINK: $11.99

The Mean Scene
This game was born of necessity. I'm quite fond of hosting events for most any reason. And my guests are typically quite fond of drinking. The problem has always been having a drinking game to play which A) allows everyone at the party to play at the same time, and B) doesn't leave some poor sap (me lol) trying to keep track of scores. So when I began focusing on the best of both worlds, this game just came naturally. It literally plays itself, which is a great relief to me. Couldn't be simpler either. Each of your guests gets 4 cards when they show up. Your goal is to get rid of your cards before anyone else. So when you finish a full drink you get to give a card away to whomever is most deserving of the description on it (I'd get asshole a lot if it was a card. Is it? Dunno, I'm always drinking when I play). Trouble is that everyone else is also giving cards away, which means you may end up having to finish more than 4 drinks before you win. Anyway, it's just a fun drinking game that doesn't require any real effort and tends to get people talking for obvious reasons. Up to 25 players too!
LINK: $19.99

Monster Master
Fans of Clue are apt to love this experience; especially if you enjoy rolling dice. Your goal is to reach 10 points before anyone else. And you battle monsters and other players to reach this goal. However, you don't begin the game knowing much about what you're up against, because both players and monsters have secret stats you'll have to roll against. Either through blind luck or deduction, you'll eventually begin to understand the strengths and weaknesses of everything you take on. Because of all the mystery and risk involved, it's nearly impossible to have two games play out the same way.
LINK: $14.99

If you like music, please read this. You don't even have to buy the game. Just read this. PegNote requires you to put in a little work before you play. But even if you don't own the deck, you can take some of this game on. What you want to do is create a big playlist of music that people are probably familiar with. Once you've done that, get a group together, split them into teams, and set your playlist to shuffle. You want to make it so that no one but you (or whoever's in charge) can see the track information for what's playing at any given time. Now you just award 1 point for the song title and 1 point for the artist. First team to a certain number of points wins. This basic idea is what inspired the mega-music game deck that is PegNote. You create the musical experience, and PegNote will give you tons of ways to play along with it. So if you need more variation to scratch the itch of the game idea I just gave you, then this is the tool that does all the scratching.
LINK: $14.99

My sisters play this game like crazy people. And they're not really what you might call table gamers. So fair warning to the potential buyer who knows those that get hung up on a single experience. Because apparently this one doesn't stop winning. In Pinions a category card is drawn. Let's pretend it's "Movies". Now a list of 5 movies gets made by the players. Then everyone rates the list from best movie to worst movie. Like minds tend to earn points here. But agreeing with the lead player doesn't do anything but help that person win. It gets more complex than it sounds if winning is all that interests you. But most people will just enjoy discussing the way people rank things in the end. Makes for a great social experience, even if my sisters do consistently rank Nsync above Pink Floyd.
LINK: $17.99

Round Robbin'
I'm not sure how to explain this one. You'll draw a categorical card, then roll dice to determine what you're supposed to do with said card. The problem with explaining this is that I'm bundling many games into a single experience here, so that each time the dice lands you're playing something else. In other words, you'll know the card but you'll never be sure what you're going to have to do with it. I have this game completely worked out already, I'm just terrible at explaining it. So until I get that down, we'll just pretend Round Robbin' doesn't exist (haha).
LINK: $17.99

Table Games
This is where my game creating began. I was trying to compile a list of common card, dice and domino games when it occurred to me that I had some ideas of my own. It spiraled from there until I had over 50 ideas in the mix. The end result is this book of such games. It took more than a year of almost constant playtesting, but I eventually got it all working to my liking. So if you've got some cards, dice or dominoes, then this book will have something worthwhile in store for you. It also contains betting games, and games which mix the components up for some neat results. I'm always looking toward my next idea, but Table Games remains one of the things I'm proudest of having created. It's also very family friendly; complete with a handful of holiday games, Texas Hold'em variations, and other awesome surprises.
EBOOK: $4.99

Treasure Caves
Recently I became addicted to a video game called "Spelunky". The game itself is ridiculously difficult and has plenty of those cheap NES-era deaths most gamers love to hate. But I thought the basic premise of caving to unique areas, collecting all manner of treasures, and building shortcuts along the way was phenomenally compelling. So I'm developing a card game to try and match the magic I felt when playing "Spelunky". This is likely going to be my next completed project.
LINK: $17.99

TSM: Biased
Fans of my journal series rejoice! This is the first (and possibly only) game based upon "The Secret Me" journals. The underlying premise here is that a controversial topic card gets drawn, then everyone secretly throws their opinion card into the mix. You can either claim you feel favorable, unfavorable, or neutral with regard to the topic. The lead player has the best chance to score, but majority still tends to rule. Discussions abound!
LINK: $17.99

Wicked Company
Halloween is a big thing in my world. So at least once per year I'm trying to think up something to add to our enjoyment of the holiday. This card game is the result of a year gone by. And, much like I feel compelled to play the "Costume Quest" video game each October, this game has become something of an annual ritual among my friends and family. Here's hoping it will be the same for you and yours. The basics of this game involve drawing random cards, and attempting to construct a unique murder scenario from what you get. There are Villain cards (common Halloween baddies like Pinhead and Chucky are all accounted for). There are Weapon cards (everything but the kitchen sink is here to become a murder weapon). There are Victim cards (somebody's gotta die, right?). And there are Locations cards (I think you get the idea). There are some interesting twists that I won't get into here. But trust that I wouldn't be selling this game if I wasn't getting plenty of positive feedback from people who are anything but afraid to tell me when something is no fun. Happy hunting.
LINK: $29.99

You may also like to know that...
If you're an Amazon Prime member, my eBooks are free. And if you buy one of my paperbacks, the eBook is free afterward. My personal preference is to have the physical version of Diecraft and the eBook version of Table Games. But that's just me. Lastly, rules for almost all of my games are available as downloads on the linked pages. So please don't hesitate to download them if you want more detail or lose the rules at some point.

This is a deck of original playing cards that I've been working on, with plenty of games to come.

There will be 2 unique decks to this "game" of sorts; one for sex, the other for dates. They'll be meant for couples to shuffle and draw at random when they're looking for a bit of spice.

For a long time, my friends and I have been writing dares all over things like Jenga blocks; the idea being that when you draw, you also get to do some crazy thing. This will be like a greatest hits compilation of dares I've thought up over the years, and will eventually be free to download on my website (www.shanewindham.com).

Earthlife RPG
My next jump into the world of role-playing games will see you collecting all manner of creatures to do battle against other players and bosses of the realms on your behalf. A good deal of work remains before this is released. But it is coming. And I'm trying to make it worth the wait.

This game will have many different themed decks to choose from. But the core game will always be the same. There will be a mystery word, and you'll have to guess what it is by asking questions. Trouble is that you only get 20 questions before you have to answer. The fewer questions you ask before answering correctly, the more points you earn. Earn the most points, and you win.

Musical Pairs
This will be another card game for music lovers. But here you'll have to match cards correctly to win. Find which band a certain person's name belongs to, or a song title, an album, etc. This is all you'll have to do to win. At least, that's the idea so far. Things could easily change once playtesting begins.

This game's all about making words out of letter cards; the longer the word, the bigger the score. You'll be told which words you can create. It will be different for each player. And you'll have the element of fortune/misfortune cards thrown into the mix as well. Sometimes these benefit you. Other times they make a loser of you just as you were about to win. You'll hate it because it's so awesome!

Table Games 2
I suspect that this will have more card, dice and domino games within it before all's said and done. But currently I'm just filling it up with polyhedral dice games (I LOVE polyhedral dice) and games designed around my A2k card deck. This project is further from completion than most anything else. But if you enjoyed the first Table Games, I won't let you down with part 2.

Tricker Treater
This already exists in my personal life, but it's too personalized to work on a level of mass consumption. So I'm trying to flesh it out appropriately. It's a Halloween event game of sorts. All you do is draw a card from the deck and do what the card says in order to earn points. Whoever earns the most points throughout the evening is the winner. It has been wildly successful when tried at my own events. Looking forward to getting it out there for everyone else to enjoy.

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