As the Rain Refuses Rhyme

She let me fall in
to the ache of a train
Down under the tracks
So safe from the rain

She bled my name
in the depth of the flow
Her nails autographed
and laughed as they’d go

And she loved hard
from the inside out
Like tears on my tongue
that she cried as she’d shout

The cold stone shook
as her mascara ran
While her eyes rolled back
to where the moment began

Then she softly fell out
when the desire had gone
Asleep in our dream
Her shoes were still on

And when she sat up
to the silence and mirth
To the burn in her mellow
Old love and fresh earth

Her glance reached to kiss
but her mouth found the sin
The whistling monster returned
And we did it again

Poetry from Nevermore Forevermore by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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