Hooray and Hurrah

Maybe if I drew names out of a hat,
or counted memories and I love you(s)
Maybe if I learned to let go,
then maybe I wouldn’t have either of them
Maybe there are words that even I can’t say
To think that I don’t understand myself is tearing me apart
I looked up at my sky, and the stars were the same
But the hand I held was new
Why mustn’t Luna change her name to shine on another?
Why must I shine on at all?
I want out of here, not out of this
I want a world that sparkles amidst its grit
Two paths tore me in the middle of my heart’s forest
They looked the same, except for the trees
My attention, however, always falls to these feet
Can’t I just close my eyes and follow them?
Is love truly that blind?
Am I too late to forage for the winter?
Or is the sun waiting to lead me to a moon
that’s not always there to throw light on my trail?
And would the river carry me across with the ease of an old death?
Or drown me in its rapids once the seasons forget me to swim?
I am silence and all of my time
But there are those who need heard, those for whom the clock is running
There is caution crammed into each nook and cranny
But love at the other end of the storm
Guess one killer bee isn’t much on its own
But I see spiders, set deep down inside her
In both of them: poison,
and each new year’s resolutions
But I must love only one,
let the other one go

Poetry from Fancy Gravity by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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