I Don't Know a Thing about Love

You asked me to carry your picture,
and to tell the world you were mine
But only so the world would leave you alone
And I ended up lonely when you wound up in love

Still, I was the worst kind of friend
-the one who wants more and just won’t confess
You can beat him at hearts, but he’ll takes yours
to hold like a prize
that’s only use is taking up space
in that empty place he’s afraid to acknowledge

Too proud to admit he’s unsure how love works
When the obvious enemy is the thought itself
For love doesn’t equate like a dotted line
You can’t compute what’s unconditional

And I didn’t start thinking to stop thinking
until I ran out of numbers...
By the time I had no answers
all we had were reveries

But I still carry that picture
And now that you carry the heart
that I finally understand isn’t understood,
I just wish I were confused again

For if that’s all it would take to make
you plus me equal we, I’d let the world see
that I don’t know a thing about love
Because I’d just be happy to have it

Poetry from Ink and Emotion by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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