We All Go Silent

   I write because eventually you’ll make it to my words. And when you see how cold this place I’m in has become, you’ll shed a few warm layers for a few happy tears. And idol almighty will fail to interfere.
   I write because your heart needs a hero. And all I ever wanted to be is the man I’m made between the open and close of your love-ready eyes.
   I write because I am so empty inside that the only thing left for you to take is the whole of me. And that burden is so heavy that these pages might be all we ever share.
   I write because I can’t quit a memory with the power to deepen its meaning. My greatest pains have known the greatest healing. And all I can count on is more.
   I write because love is tied to resistance. And everything about ours deserves ol’ freedom’s run.

I have not fought these long years in vain.
What appears to have weathered is about to rain.

I write because forever is never.
Be it or not, here-now more than ever.

First among the living and last among the dead,
-Virgo Wordsworth

Poetry from Emotional Mythologies by Shane Windham
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