What I Never Stop Missing

Seeing my name on your book bag,
and seeing myself in your eyes
Your braces, and hearing you complain
Knowing what album you just bought,
and how you’d laugh
when you’d say you loved me
Being so close that I could tell
if you’d started smoking again,
and whether or not you’d changed
your conditioner
How you hated things you’d never dealt with
Your dog, and your makeup,
and how you were slowly beginning
to cry more in front of people
Wearing your headphones,
and dialing your phone number
Loving you without you knowing,
and how you made me happy
with your simple sigh
You making fun of my poems,
and calling me that childish pet name
I both hated and adored
How big headed you got
when you didn't feel ugly anymore
Above all, I miss knowing
that I’d see you everyday
And that’s all I needed to say
Just thought I should let you know

Poetry from Thought-Box by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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