All-Night Intimacy

My eyes can see you just fine
It's my hands that need convincing
I want to put my mouth on you
See what the fuss is all about
My tongue has a way with more than words
My tongue has a way with everything
Reach out and touch me
Let me feel you under my skin
For I'm the itch you've just gotta scratch
And there's no distinguishing my bark from my bite

Kiss me deep where the sun doesn't shine
I always return the favor
Scream like a demon taking a god
I can only imagine the love inside you
I want to feel it for myself
Would you prefer romance
to my head between your legs?
Why do you have to be so beautiful?

Don't treat me with tricks
Note to self: DESTRUCT
For I’m obviously pathetic and dangerously romantic
I need a beautiful girl to sink my teeth into
But these fangs only ache
when they’re mere inches from your neck
I'm addicted to your thighs
You belong to my mouth
And when they meet, we’ll find death
by degrees

Poetry from Majestria by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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