Your right leg swings timidly over your left
to hint at the pleasures inches under your dress
My palm lands gently above your knee cap;
calm until it no longer has to be
My fingers brush the sides of your thighs as we talk
We both creep closer to losing control
Your eyes watch my mouth, and I know what they see
is the dream you’ve longingly built
of us when they’re closed
Your breath is shaky and baited with warmth
I could say almost anything,
but you would no longer hear me
For your legs have uncrossed and your hair has fallen
My mouth treks your neck as my hands dig into you
I can hear your fragile moan come alive in my ears
You state the obvious, and I do not argue
Arms up as your dress is tossed anywhere but between us
Your back on the wall as you let me inside you
A choice you don’t regret, as your ache is devastated
Bliss cries in your bloodstream;
it shoots through each nerve
Your breath is fast, you’re quivering,
and I dare not let it stop
You have waited for this like any good girl does
You’ve fallen asleep pretending
that I was the pillow in your arms
I am both rough and tender as I shame your fantasy
Your ankles lock behind me, we are kissing at last
The pressure builds until it shatters
what little boundaries we have left
And, when it’s over, you may remind yourself
that this is only the beginning

Poetry from POETiCA by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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