If I knew...

If I knew I was dying...
I'd make more mistakes
I'd waste more of my hours
I'd make love to you

If I knew I was hated...
I'd take it all in
I'd breathe with my fingers
I'd write you love songs

If I knew I was deadly...
I'd bury my body
I'd burn in the ocean
I'd keep you safe from myself

If I knew I was god...
I'd listen to your prayers
I'd visit you in dreams
I'd never interfere

If I knew nothing...
I'd still know something
I'd touch what was heard
I'd eat the emptiness

If I knew I was you...
I'd run at the mirror
I'd blind the daylight
I'd make love to me

Poetry from Majestria by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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