Lana & Leighton

Summertime lovers playing Lydia loud
California on wax for a Texas crowd
Lips dance too long along this cloud
Who ever would have thought
he could hate her?

She is the miss he misses the most
He is the sea-spray kissing her coast
Party of two without a home to host
Getting by on the how
of asking later

She knows the lies which built his throne
And he knows she'll never admit to her own
But secrecy has left them no less alone
They're desire awash in
mistaken implication

He read her body with slow moving eyes
Bound up her folds using ankles and thighs
Heard every last word there to tantalize
But he couldn't author
her dedication

His melodies bright on the moonlit breeze
Her sad songs sung beneath the trees
Broken hearts there to cushion their knees
The long nights led them
to an alien dawn

Engines still roaring where memories sleep
Liquor still burning in lungs digging deep
She was the one thing he wanted to keep
But silence pushes them
ever away an on

They will know no tomorrow
Summer is now dear sorrow

Poetry from A Bar in Brooklyn by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback coming spring of 2017

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