Like I'm Nothing

Like I'm nothing, the door closes
Walking away, I hear the lock turn
Like I'm nothing, silence goes unbroken
I poke and prod its surface,
but it doesn't so much as acknowledge me
Everything changes when you realize
that you were never loved the way you were hoping
And there is no easy way around that truth
Like I'm nothing, half a year creeps closer to a whole
You’ve no idea how close I’ve really come
to giving up altogether
Like I'm nothing, it's as if I changed nothing
Secretly I've spent (what should've been) happy hours
wondering if my ring ever even gets worn
I feel pitiful for cherishing your memory
But you were every wish I got to make
Like I'm nothing but in the way;
wrong with all the right words to say
Like I was nothing but child's play
And almost nothing takes the pain away
Still, there is some hope
There's always my hope
For I'm better than nothing, and more than make-believe
Together there is no love we could fail to retrieve
I truly am sorry if you're bothered by my word
I just talk because it hurts less when heard
It should not worry you though
For I know that this
will all fade and be forgotten...
...like I'm nothing

Poetry from Emotional Mythologies by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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