On being human...

Skate the high wire while dreaming
Shake in place on solid ground

Tongue kiss razors remorselessly
Crash the house and apologize

Chug poison, then attempt to take it back
Sleep in the street where no one will notice

Swallow the shotgun because you're starving
Let love go because you feel satisfaction

Blame the clock being watched instead of the idle eyes
Regret as though it could make a difference

Call with nothing to say
Sign but fail to date

Change your mind yet stay the present path
Freeze in the flames of each potential romance

Speak out of turn and cry for want of a smile
Take shape just to cut corners

Give up desire when you can't have your fill
Swing when you are shamed by your own wounds

Reach for the stars and miss the moon altogether
Lick lightning while wearing a raincoat

Know you've forgotten what you assumed would be memorable
Pray when hugs are in demand

Kill when respect does not come freely
Give life then overlook its living

Count until the score no longer has value
Label until you are unable to differentiate

Die with more gravity than can be comfortable
Mask the monster with far too much makeup

Bow before the firing line
And fall for your own tall tale

Poetry from The Astrals by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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