Some People Change (for the better)

We used to make love to the song on the stereo
I used to wait in quiet bliss
for the sound of the shower turning off
The scent of your perfume beating its way off of your skin
once put my happy heart to sleep

I had a tendency then to take things for granted;
letting a cold world get to me like I'd been taught to do
It became harder each time I needed to make you smile
I spent too many nights on the couch
when you needed me close
We'd even fight about what kind of food
we were going to have for dinner
And all the while I wanted to avow,
"Hug me, and somehow everything will be okay."
I'd get lonely and leave when all I had to do was stay;
waiting for you to reach out and plead,
"I love you. So please don't go."

We all pay prices for the pride we wear
We all must fall and be caught by another
It is far too easy to find release in your lover
(to recklessly abuse your love),
when the rest of the world is what’s deserving
of that wound which you inflict
I'm no exception, and it's still not a fitting excuse
Hindsight's clearer than crystal,
but there is one thing of which I am certain:

My life and everything about me is now suffering
Nothing is ever going to be the same without you
I wish there was something I could do to prove that
if I had another shot with you
I'd hold on tighter and love you better;
now aware of where I kept going wrong
I'd empty myself and let you take what you like
I’d work harder on changing those things which you don't
Because I've seen my life without you,
and I've seen no life there worth living

If the promise of compromise is the start of what it takes,
then it's yours (as am I)
I'll bend till I'm broken
I'll cry till you smile
I'll be lonely, so long as you are not alone
(so long as I get to be there to witness)
Because you're what I love most
about this near-loveless world
Everything else will just have to wait
until we can afford it some time

Come back if you're able
Come through for me,
and I'll be the man you dreamt of,
or die trying to be
This way I can say we gave love a happy ending;
that we loved each other with all that we were
I want nothing more than that now

Poetry from Emotional Mythologies by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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