Upon the meeting of your eyes
I was a faint flame in a hurricane
But there was might in your smile
which I felt would build me
into something more like the lightning
I wanted to run and keep running, but I didn’t
Therefore be not as a cigarette lit upon virgin lips
-insulting that long held innocence
Cover me feverishly
with your sleeve-worn chemistry
And let your flower
spill open its dew upon my vitality
This way I may take you in me
and grow you out,
like father Earth to mother Nature
-thereby making even the most glorious of their children
seem slight
That is how I want to love you,
if I may
A little slow-motion speeding
on the highway, where love (before now)
was always brought to an idle halt
-a vicious yield
I care nothing of starting
if you’ll need me to stop
A million miles above your bed,
I won’t even pretend to let you go
So, if you’re not yet ready,
then jump home to silent safety
But if you want to burn with me,
then run the earthquake into my arms

Poetry from Emotional Mythologies by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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