The Dead End Days

I’ll miss you when the summer rain just doesn’t want to fall
Think about you every time a bird won’t get off of the road
I’ll miss the way I made you smile,
and waking up to you holding me
The way you’d argue anything just to get my attention
For your kindness made the world go away
And, as useless as that might seem to some,
it made you a part of my only heart that no one can undo
Our biggest fan at the 7-11 is going to ask where you are
And I’ll wish I could have been more than myself
I’m sorry for rarely getting as close as I easily could have
Sorry for saying so little at times
and expecting your understanding
If you’re ever stuck in Kansas again,
eat a few chips for me
I’ll miss you when the sun comes up and all I’ve got is silence
When I’m eating Chinese chicken at a table that once sat two
I’ll miss coming home and finding
the puppy underneath the covers
That you wore my socks at night
and woke up without them on
For I truly treasured the way you never
sounded like the person you were quoting
The fact that you dove off of that bridge three times before I did
And I never meant to break my Blue Jay,
but the storm I’ll always be would always make her afraid to fly
So may you find a new sky,
and never fall that way again
As we were forever changed by leaning trees on a winding road

Poetry from Fancy Gravity by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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