The Girl Is a Ghost

She said she could tell from the moment we met
that I’d be the one to take everything she had
from her virginity to her heart
And as autumn spun that stunning web in her mouth
I refused to take my eyes off of it

She lit a joint, but retained her innocence
She blew the smoke in my eyes and kissed me
before I could clearly see it coming
We got high, and I went down;
making a reality of her premonition

Yet as soon as I’d taken her where she’d always wanted to go
she began to cry, slow in the fade
Reaching for my face with hands that couldn’t feel
Trying to kiss with lips like a fog
And with the breeze went the last remnants of her apparition;
leaving only her tears on the ground

The morning’s sunlight held a cruel bag of realization in its birth
As I opened my mind to the pillow in my arms
and the sleep still in my eyes,
the truth was far too apparent

I’d been dreaming again
Dreaming about the one I’m too afraid to hold with words
(I truly believe they don’t exist in her presence)
The one who’s no longer within my spectrum of love
The one who’s always seemed happiest without me

...The girl is a ghost...

And, in a dreamland that won’t turn her away,
I’m her god

Poetry from Ink and Emotion by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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