The Sun for the Moon

Let's lay on the carpeted floor
in the light blue dark of my room
listening to sad songs
until the marijuana is gone

Let's visit that familiar friend
who never stops crying
about the fact that his
parents are dead

Let's comfort the cold
with a bottle of strong
as the stars start spinning
and no one seems to notice

Let's swim an ocean of exhaust
where the red lights fear to tread
and the music blares louder
than the headlights are able to shine

Let's quit our fortunes of unfame
for the hope of going back
to a time when not a single day
was short on hugs

Let's talk about the fact
that I'm a broken man without you
-about how holidays never feel
like vacations anymore

Let's laugh all night by open winter windows
just to sleep all goddamn day
-the sun for the moon
so our dreams may see the light of dawn

Let's end this tortured empty
For I've grown sicker still of concrete beauty
than you can even imagine
me ever pretending to

I'm utterly lost tonight
Yes, I am more than a little too alone
on the other end of the distance between us
wishing you were home for Christmas

So board a bus, for my sake
And know that I am ashamed
that I've let you make that trip alone
-friendless family in the future we fucked

And know that
regardless of who I've become
I'll never be me without you
All you see is the fraud I portray

Poetry from The Astrals by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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