The Widowmaker's Watch

There’s a gun under my pillow
Lover beware of my nightmares
I smelt matches closing in on my journals
Saw your hand moving with the flame
My laugh made the room dark again in a black flash
Heard your voice whimper its plea for mercy
“Babe, you can’t destroy that monster.
All you’ll do is make it more terrifying.”
You ease back into bed
Wordless and calming down
You go blissfully limp, asleep again

Madness is a dance in which we all fall down
The sadness of destruction makes us crave more destruction
My eyes are the event horizon
I will eat you slowly
I will leave no trace of your mind
“Babe, does god really exist?
Please come back and tell me.”
For I fear I am the devil
That I created god to please
the only woman I’ve ever loved
That’d be you, my heavenly blemish

That was a warm-up
I don’t want to be so well prepared
-so ready
The truth is
we’re going where nothing follows
The otherside offers no reuniting
It offers nothing;
nothing but empty madness
A dark which even this moonless winter night would fear
Born in the heart of a star; black holes are home
“Can you cry there?
Can you know that what I really meant was-”

Poetry from Majestria by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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