Vengeful Inferno

I want to hear your bones break between my teeth
I want to feel your lifeless blood grow cold and congeal
I want to give what I’m persistently given;
an eye for a lie,
stripping your abuses and their uses

And truly…
I want to buy back the soul you sold
I want to shame you with its existence
I want to show you for the ignorance you are
You won’t consent to understanding’s conception,
but you’ll find that denial is abortable as well

I admit…
I want to piss on your heart and convince you it’s bleeding
I want to blind you with a tome of bright insight
I want to watch you gag when forced to behold
your own reflection
This is what you wear, unaware
This is why no one keeps your company

But mostly…
I want to remember who I was before you infected me
I want to taste the liberty you are incapable of sharing
I want to be clear of these desires you afflict me with
That means no you
That means a new me

So, now that all is forgiven,
get out of my life

Poetry from POETiCA by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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