Where You're Less I Love You More

Before you thought you needed makeup
 I loved you
When they sent you home with lice
I loved you

You’ve been known to give me chain letters,
and cry when life is getting good
But you’re still around and pissing me off

Before you knew your lefts and rights
I loved you
When you were tripping on your shoestrings
I loved you

I’ve seen your stick figure masterpieces,
and watched you laugh chocolate milk out of your nose
But as long as you’re still smiling I’ll be right where I am

For I know
you’ll bite your fingernails,
read your books backwards,
spell my name wrong,
accidentally join gangs,
and talk to the floor when you’re bored
But you don’t have to worry about losing me
I’ve loved you too long to stop caring now

Poetry from Thought-Box by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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