While eating you...

I listened as though the next breath was not our last
I pictured what our children would look like
I populated the list of Christmas gifts I'd be getting you
I wished I were funnier than your brother
I imagined asking your father for your hand
I painted our future home in bright colors
I planted a garden of tulips for you
I regretted not finishing most movies,
and not turning soft music on
I prayed without a want left in the world
I held your hand in a rocking chair
I cooked a dinner with lots of potatoes
I flew you everywhere in the world you still want to see
I brought home a puppy on Valentine's Day
I held you for weeks after your parents died
I started a fight just to let you win it
I paid off the mortgage, and got back in shape
I helped you grade homework (nothing below a B)
I woke you up the next morning to a pillow fight
I sang you to sleep with an acoustic guitar
I made you want to come on to me for once
I demanded the magic of ordinary love
I refused to go quietly or to let you walk away
I treated you to a massage with no happy ending
I watched soaps, and hailed obscenities at the football game
I listened better than a child would to a lullaby
I heard you say it without me asking you
I sent flowers to your classroom that all but hugged the sunlight
I stopped before you finished, and adored the way you begged
Of course, none of this ever actually happened
I didn't even watch you drive away (the first and only time)
And I've a lifeline of love I cannot make exist
An unending wick of you which I'll never burn
I drowned each tiny spark... while eating you

Poetry from Majestria by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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