Ballad of the Blank Page

I offered the world a blank page,
thinking that my legacy would allow
for the telling of yours
The world gave me ink, and lined my blank page;
said, "Stay within the boundaries,
writing beautiful words which already exist."
I emptied myself onto that page,
and offered it again to the world;
said, "Here's the mystery within me.
Here are the depths few have swum."
The world thought I was a grim sum
The world saw no light in the dark
Twas true that I gave much attention to that page,
but the world never thought to touch it
The world never glimpsed its importance;
never felt the things I wrote in the darkness
of lines I'd previously passed over with a pen
Forward and backward,
over ink, and through the margins;
mending corners, crying tears
the likes of which humanity has not even imagined
The world looks at me and sees darkness;
layer upon layer of untold emotion
The world takes me for a madman
Therefore I now see
that, whether I give all or nothing,
the world will think me a blank page;
think that my world is empty because it's so full
So burn this black shadow, for I've still got
the writings on the wall

Poetry from Majestria by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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