Candlelight and Lace

Your eyes are black holes;
stormy sunflowers beneath the waves
It feels like floating when they hold me
They're magic makers

Your lips are ripe berries;
time-freezing fruits, mandating a nibble
The spinning world blurs when they near me
Sensual songwriters, yes indeed

Your hair is wizard’s coal;
Silky spider webs snaring pulses
My hands never want to leave those secretive strands
of black beauty

Your neck is a dance floor;
lovers swaying to the endless beat
I know the lock lies turned behind this door
of thin flesh

Your thighs are red wine;
deep, dreamy layers of intoxication
The rich mother of flavor to my imagination
Self-fulfilling prophecy

Your chest is baby’s breath;
reminiscent blooms from tomorrow’s now
The petite monster of light in my awareness
Staggeringly wow

Your hands are wet clay;
superb reminders of nature’s charm
Priceless art to my awestruck allure
Intimately malleable

Your feet are pretty words;
lambent tributaries for night-diving
Paradigms for the voluptuous boundaries of my lust
Peripatetic ineffability

Your mind is candlelight and lace;
a newborn’s cry, the Viking’s fire
And, in this life, I am certain
you’ll find no equal

Poetry from Majestria by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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