I am a touchable face
There's warm blood in your hands
There's desire within you
What a way to go

I may seem blind,
you may think me empty,
but I've no reason to lie;
I despise the blockade

You can't even admit it,
and I don't blame you
I can say it all too easily
What a pair of fools, we are

Don't let me leave
Don't ask me to stay
Of course your uncertainty is welcome
Can't carry that shame alone

I am suddenly a waking mess
Why the hell am I overjoyed?
Why is this suddenly so difficult?
Break, damn you

You don't have to step lightly,
just don't be so cruel
I know I'm not helping
I cannot help myself

The night was mine
Care to give me another?
Or is it only that you think
my eyes need opening?

I have not given this
one moment of peace
Just so you know,
your anger doesn't destroy

I'm thinking you're loving
being the challenge,
and time will tell
what this is really worth

Poetry from Majestria by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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