I Remember You Well

You’re the real reason I finally left obesity behind me
You were the first love song I wrote
You’re what drove me to pick out names
for the children I still don’t have
You are the only thing that kept suicide at bay
after she destroyed me

You’re the birthmark I was happy to go hunting for
You were adventure that loved holding my hand
You’re who I expected to lose my virginity to
You are hated by every woman that loves me

You’re the name I so often scream
while within some other lover’s walls
You were lots of hiding, and a little getting caught
You’re why I’ve never easily given up on anyone
You are the child of a woman who pretends not to favor me

You’re the call that will come until it’s me who answers
You were the only person anyone has ever said was right for me
You’re why I’m guilty of wearing my socks inside out
You are what I talk about in my sleep

I have tried forgetting you, in my weakest moments
And I have joyfully bawled in emergency rooms
after finding out that you were worried about me
Does that help to highlight the enormity of your importance?

Yes, I remember you well
The memory of you is the best friend I have
You come as natural to me as breathing ever has,
and only death can make that truth go away

Poetry from POETiCA by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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