Life Isn't Illegal

Love is the good in everything we are
Love is the safety we don't yet deserve
Love is truth that doesn't come easy for anyone;
the truth which kills that fun, little, wasteful flame
Love is an energy we've no better name for;
the hope in improbable odds,
which totals too many wins
to be less than mere coincidence
Love is a pair of arms to hug your heart
Love is born in the freeing womb of doubt;
happy for sadness, and thought cruel for it
Love is the plane built and broken
in each conscious mind;
everything, and therefore nothing, quickly grasped
with one pair of complex eyes
Love is the goal of humanity
Love is the puzzle to which we've been pieced;
connected, neglected and undeniably beautiful
Love is the freedom to hate, and murder, and maim
Love is the choice which never leaves us powerless
Love is possible within every man, woman, and child
Love is more than every one of us combined
Therefore love is a paradox;
both growth, and the ability to destroy
It’s you and I, and yet not
Love is an empty heart,
fighting for the warmth which must fill it;
indication that the greatest purpose lies
in the emptying of our own
(in trusting that ever more will be received)
And this is what I mean
when I say that I've found her;
that I view life as more than a heartbeat,
as more than myself,
as more than us all
My mirror has shown me my every failure to love
And the love within me has shown
that I'm no more than my failures,
should I ever stop trying to find my way
Heaven is the life we have, yet aren't living
It's the here and now which we take for granted
And I am endlessly choking
on the silence of its beauty;
knowing love is the path of hope,
never quite grown over
(no matter how long we sit here,
pretending to be lost)

Poetry from Emotional Mythologies by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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