Teddy bears protect the small room where she sleeps
The moon on her mountain almost covers the sky
Her palms are always concealed in her sleeves
And I’d be blissful, forever, just watching her breathe

All I want in a woman is tangled up in her hair
I’m convinced that her laughter created the breeze
Safe in a soft heart, whose fires are always kind
She’s the never-ending slumber growing my dreams

How did this angel come to be with me?
How can I be sure that she can do more than bless?
Does she love me?
Can she love me?
Am I the dreamer giving her wings?

She can’t watch ‘The Lion King’ without crying,
and says she’s always crying harder on the inside
Still as warm as the child I kenw, now gone
Her eyes dance around the magic
so evident in those tears

Sweetness lingers upon all she touches
Her smile will haunt every beating heart
Even her sadnesses glimmer
And I’d be blissful, forever, just watching her breathe

Poetry from Ink and Emotion by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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