Nursery Rhymes

Firefly loving through butterscotch eyes
Penniless now, but paid for
Our rain dance for the fruit in bloom
Honeydew rooted to power lines
The sporadic invention of quiet sky
Determined ballerina of flight
A bullet shot six feet through the ground
Where all hate belongs;
far from these hearts

Now dogs don’t bark
Mosquitoes don’t bite
Nightmares fearfully cling to our pillows
Divinity being a limitless captive,
strung out on sunlight and carefree worry
And should I lose sight of her nostalgic scent,
(her caress, like caramel or playful taffy)
I’ll shower my doubtful doting with spring;
keep reminding myself
that she loves me

Poetry from Nevermore Forevermore by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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