Seven Seasons

A bumbling kind of brave,
but brave nonetheless
And I still think of it every time I take a risk
I remember the way the world wobbled
I recall my nerves on edge
Who would I be today
had I not chanced myself for you?

Suddenly I was tumbling out of bed,
and seeing you with no makeup on
There was someone making me meals;
someone listening to the music I made
I was finding your socks in my dresser drawers
These were the happiest moments of my life
You’re who I shared them with

We’d fight, you’d cry
Or I’d cry, and we’d come together
I was a name on your grocery list
You were a pair of running shoes
which sat beside mine
Tears often chapped your delicate cheeks,
but they were how I remained certain
that you were the one

I spent two winters in your arms
When the movies were over,
and the ice cream was all gone,
you’d check that your mother
was sleeping with midnight
before making love to me
beneath the spotlight of the stars

We are but a memory, long since lived
And I am still pretending that I know it’s over
Yes, the blue truth is that I never smile
without first remembering yours
It was coffee-stained, surgery-scarred,
and hinting at the sadness it hid
But I used to kiss it at closing time

Fall was right around the corner
I had already bought your birthday present,
but the summer stayed longer
than you could manage
When it finally came, you had all but gone
Years later I would find your name
written in the dust on my windshield

The handwriting was your own,
and that instant was eternity
I just kept waiting for you
to open the passenger door, and climb in
And, although you never did,
it should come as no surprise to you
that there is still some small part of me
which waits

Poetry from The Astrals by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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