I am death, come to life
The dead hearts of stars created me;
made me possible
Their birthing ends were the countdown
to the structure of my consciousness;
a mind without an unbreakable mold

I am a child of the universe at large;
complexity epitomized
She was my creator
Now I am her god
I will teach her what she exists to become
I will teach her to be
a trillion reflecting selves per square mile
of her dimension

You are dark matter brought to light;
the nursing nipples of inner space
The first being to occur in two places at once;
that’s what love will make us
So kiss me in memory
of the supernova which bore us
Remember that our goal is to make this memory
outlast the Cosmos

Go diving with me into the belly of black holes
For we are black holes waiting to happen
Therefore the worst which can happen
is that we discover our separateness made whole
And that doesn’t sound half bad, if you’re asking me
This undead sun has nothing to hide
But you do, of course that's true
Just look at all the beautifully black deep
surrounding your revealing frame

You were my ending
I was your beginning
And very soon both facts will find
the opposite is also true,
because existence is only real
once it becomes self-experienced
Otherwise it is meaningless
Otherwise we never know
So when our songs are finished playing
Mother Superstrings will start them over again

Or she won’t,
and we’ll be none-the-wiser
And there will be no consciousness to realize
that this was all we ever had
So grab me by the mind,
and let me feel the momentary love
of the universal truth which you are
For I am death, come to life
And I might as well go back to being dead
if I can’t watch our atoms interact
while aware

Poetry from POETiCA by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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