There where she lay...
I could taste the pink parts of her body
that squirmed and moistened
when my mouth watered near them
I could see her head cocked back in the sunlight
running across her shaking eyelids;
closing and bathing, warm
in the mixing black and gold of daydreams

Those dreams were all too real for the right words,
so she moaned, and slurred my name; filling in that blank,
her scarlet tongue tying its terms in my ears

I watched her come, and go again on the tip of my fingers;
on the base of my manhood,
where the curl in her toes unwound
around the house that Jack built
We were Gods, indeed

And the arch of her back still runs away with my mind,
(what mind?)
to where body and soul shook deeper than ever before
And the jolt of each heartbeat
throbbed like warm muscles
caught in the sugary fall of fresh rain

And till next time, I’ll be lying
...there where she lay

Poetry from Fancy Gravity by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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