Blue Hollow

I walk empty feet blind
every night, beneath the trees;
rarely aware of where I am,
and never knowing where I’m going
Growing ever more afraid
of a bullet behind the shade,
out to take more than my name when it comes
And these oaks, they don’t glow
How I wish they would though;
as does every other moonlight child
that’s trampling these wooded winds wild
...But no...
They shake, they sag,
they rattle, they haunt
Moving my pulse amid a quiet frenzy;
past every mailbox full of memories
that the dark (I’m aware) will never share
I’m yet a stranger within a burden,
but I dare not make its acquaintance
For you’re only lost when you stop,
and I have a home to get to
So my sightless feet wander on;
float along mid-moon’s blue hollow
Till I’m safe in the arms of a fireside;
finding ease in my lover’s warm heart

Poetry from Ink and Emotion by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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