I rode the howling wolf-winds
through the cemeteries of madness,
on the backs of Rhode Island angels,
just to sound this siren against your waves

I danced like a child
through the sunburn of my dreams;
swallowed whole hearts,
(heal these saltwater wounds)
just to find that you wouldn’t find me

What most mistake for dying
is the pain of an honest living
Realistic love is never a possession

So know this,
(now & tomorrow & furthermore)
my faining fury:
You think me weak because I let you
But I believe in new nights, and forgiveness
I’m a good man, and back from our war
I still let your name pass between my lips
And, if you had the ability to let bygones be,
I’d be yours all over again

Poetry from Emotional Mythologies by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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