Innocence Ease

I’ve always been a crier;
except for all those times that I wanted to cry the most
And every sign I see says crying is not an option;
but I’m doing it now, so I suppose it must be

Damn this heartless world

All I’ve done for weeks is think about finally seeing you again;
drowning in that four second hug
Knowing all that I’d remember about this night
is everything I still adore about you
How your company never gets old;
never wears away its welcome
How you just keep looking better to me

We’ve got too much in common
to wither or weather away in silence;
letting the world undo what I’ve tried so hard to solidify
But you don’t miss me at all, do you?
Or are you just afraid that I don’t care?
I’m sure it’s difficult;
trying to find what I hide so well

So, I’m reassuring you now,
knowing I should have been doing it all along:
If your bed is ever not warm enough to keep you safe and secure,
(if your pillows can’t dry all those tears)
I could be the one you keep beside you
You can always turn to me,
because you’re almost everything that I now love about my life
I’ll never deny it,
and I’ll never run

Poetry from Ink and Emotion by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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