Love Wasn't

When you think something can’t get colder,
it begins to burn
Twas not the green of the grass which drew me,
but the way it waved back at the wind
Here, still I run screaming into battle,
and laugh breathlessly
at the ghost of old wounds

I’ve developed a mind of distance
I space outside of time;
silent as darkness, powerless as a dream
For sometimes all greatness entails
is the shining of a little light

So, for soul, the spirit is changed;
left wanting of love
Because if we fall for ourselves,
who’s left to love us?
Ah, the clouds will come lay heavy upon you,
but somewhere is there a kiss in need of rain;
in need of we
Sure to grow, together to bloom,
and chase the oncoming winter away

Poetry from Emotional Mythologies by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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