Morse Code Coward

I am a monkey
that would kill for bananas
I can’t make your fiery wheels,
but I can piss a little further than most

While running downhill
I tripped on the bottle;
I’d fallen on addiction
They buried me in glass

The barbed wire in my mind
keeps me an eternity away from freedom
For I’m a bloody cocoon of dying birth
Twas never reared in mother’s womb

Calloused mind, feed me woes
There are no candles, no cake
I am suited in a graveyard
Life’s a hopeless distraction

Fallen flowers, have no fear
Introductions weren’t necessary
For time devours each of us
Your demise is no stranger to me

Demure demoness,
claw away at my edible fruits
Drive the blood from my seeds
Erstwhile god shall cometh

Gossamer steel, I’m made of
A rioting mind, I imbue
The umbrella may seem summery,
but it’s the child of gray days

The opulent flesh feels its age,
as gravity forces folds to wave
Good-hi old youth
Give me affection or goodbye, indeed

Poetry from Majestria by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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