Numinous Precarious

You deserve to know now
that dreams are the extent of my riches,
and I’ve had no expectation of actually spending them
But I dreamt of your face long before it came into my life
Still, I don’t remember it ever making me this nervous
Such is the difference between sleeping and seeing

Look me in the eyes, so you
won’t know my hands are shaking
Give me time to grow accustomed
to a presence I could wake up with
That’s one hell of an assumption to be making so soon
But who am I kidding? The simple sound of your name
feels like first love overwhelming me all over again

I unwillingly cry whenever I think of you going away
Leave these unsent love letters, written for you,
between the pages of random library books
My friends ask about you by name
Can’t bring myself to admit any of this

But I want you to know more than I want most things,
and I want you to kiss me more than I want anything else
Why can’t I just be ecstatic that you
are here for the time being?
Why can’t you just cut the small talk,
and marry me already?
Damnitt to hell, I almost said that out loud

-Holly Ann Sprabary

Poetry from The Astrals by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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