She Scares Easy

I was a man in a mask with no weapon in hand
You were alone that night, teary-eyed on the walk home
I was a shadow among the tall trees;
a dark stain behind the white sheets on the clothesline
You were mascara-blind, and breathing heavy sobs
There were invisible sparks flying between us
Could you feel them?

I was easily in the backdoor which your parents never locked
You were a ball on the couch, and screams, even ahead of me
I was the cord from the landline, ripped from the wall
You were shock as I tied you down, and let you wail
There was nobody home, and it was Halloween
If only there was a way to know
the horrors you imagined were coming

I was statuesque as fear continually gripped your mind
You were bruises bleeding long before I touched you
I was rough hands around your throat, between your legs
You were excitement I could measure as I continued to feel you
Abandoning reason, as death seemed probable;
your weakened voice begged for more

I was still a quiet mask as I found your ready parts
You were thighs on fire, and bliss for blood
I was coarse and forceful while plumbing your depths
You were tears drying on warm cheeks that didn’t need them
The climax made it clear that your fear had re-sewn itself
You closed your eyes, and awaited the common cruelty
I was gone

There are times when I pass you on the city streets;
having to fight the earthquake in my eyes
I smile as gently as I can, without a word,
and leave you to wonder
if the best you ever had could have been me
Still no face to place upon the nightmare’s wet dream
And so you sit in your dark room each October 31st,
waiting on my mask to return

Poetry from Majestria by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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