The Loom, Enchanted

My throat was dry, as were your eyes;
then overly wet, as they shifted frantically
between me and the machine
that was preparing to connect our minds
"Stay with me." were the last words I heard
before the power came on
My fingers tingled curiously
Quickly enough I knew that I was feeling
the nervous excitement issuing through your fingers;
flowing into me from the place where you
had touched the technological marvel
which now plugged us into one another
The voice in your head embraced me completely;
asking every hungry question conceivable,
and receiving immediate answers
Soon I realized that I was taking you in as well
And beneath the impassioned thirst, loudly quenched,
our pulses made slow love in near silence
We left our deepest secrets undisturbed
amidst the dark corners in which we had hidden them
I was you,
and you had never known
something so beautiful as us;
nor I, as these inseparable moments
It meant everything to have you
venturing my imagination
And, moments before the machine shut itself down,
I came to understand
that you'd always exist in my mind
Maybe you were there all along
And maybe the same was true
of me, for you

Poetry from POETiCA by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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