Thou Shalt Not Die

By the time the sun rises
I will know less about who you are
than I do right now
My brain is letting go,
and sometimes I can't even remember
that it shouldn't be;
not while I'm alive, at least

When I've no memory left
When I no longer cry
When you look at me and can plainly see
that I don't recognize you,
send me out on and into the ocean
in a boat that won't stay afloat
Give me nothing but a camera,
and see what I capture
so unwittingly close to death

Then by the time the sun sets
my lungs will no longer thirst
I will have come closer to my nightmares
than I'd have ever dared to dream
I'll be crushed on the seabed;
broken bones I'm free from moving
Loosed from a mind that managed to lose me,
instead of the expected 'other way around'

And though the man will have left the building,
though I'll fail to walk the world,
your own mind will ache much longer
with the memory of who I once was
And so long as your mind remembers me,
I still exist

Poetry from Majestria by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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