I'm dying
That may be worth mentioning
Sorry for not saying something sooner
It's just...

I've become a sad song
You're my slow dance across the sky
And I hate never responding in any meaningful way,
so please accept this as my...

The hardest part of loving you
was the day you convinced me I needed to stop
Surely I'm the world's greatest actor by now,
for day one with you still...

My first thought when they told me
was that you'd never have my babies
But then, you already have your own
And some nights I just bawl until...

You're fond of saying you want to go back
Back to the me that hugged
Back to the you that felt
Back when all we ever argued about was...

I know that people don't like me,
and I know that you're no exception
Thank you, at the very least, for trying though
You'll never know just how lonely...

You see, nothing comes out right anymore
Pretty soon nothing will come at all for me
But hopefully there's some small part of you
which knows that you were the only person I ever...

Goodbye, babe
You were...

Poetry from The Astrals by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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