One Man Miracle

I’m the shadow of a shooting star,
whose tip jar is filled
with phone numbers and quotes
I float,
the centerpiece of an idolatrized sky
Drift ye by without reply
for the subtle urges of this starving world;
where a war cry goes
right back to the ears of its maker (its captor),
and finds extinction
as swiftly as a fire shreds old love letters
For trust is the bearer of much disappointment
to those who lose it (or are so inclined)
Forever comes and goes,
wilder when the wind blows,
to indulge in the sweet fruit of rotten seeds

The happiest people
in our knowledgeable knowing wear pink
(or maybe blue-baby) love upon their sleeves
They go crazy when they bleed,
but then remember to heal,
begin to feel, change their names,
and resemble me;
practically perfunctory in every way

Poetry from Emotional Mythologies by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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