Railway Gait

Tonight I roam big city streets
The sidewalks are lined
with new things, grown old
You see, this truly is
where I belong

I woke up in a hospital bed
No memory of how I got there
Not a care for the state I was in
All I could think to do was murmur your name
until the darkness returned to me

Could drink a storm
for all the tears I cried
Eyes like sand,
my heart beating whispers,
you didn't even show up in my nightmares

Tonight I roam the sleepy squares
Our love was a tragedy
that I was forced to survive
And somewhere on this grid
you're nestled behind a lock

I was given a bottle marked "poison"
Your picture was still in my wallet
And as I knelt to tie my shoes,
the doorman said
"Hurry along. She's waiting."

Shuffle into the pub a block away
Sign my name on the dotted line
Wash my woes in your drink of choice
Then choke down the skull and bones,
come closing time

Tonight I roam in search of a grave
The name I seek upon it's my own
I intend to scrawl every letter from the stone
Replace them with the broken body
of this nobody I became

And when the sun wakes you up
to that new world without me,
may you know that I've only
saved you the trouble
of seeing me go lowly and slow

You've made your bed without me
Thus I'm making mine
to never wake up in without you
Trust that I, miss misery,
am never waking up again

Poetry from A Bar in Brooklyn by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback coming spring of 2017

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