Streetwise Stems

I won’t be graduating any time soon
I’ll never have answers to all of my questions
I can’t find a home for my heart to rest in
I’ve been blinded by the sun
But then, I suppose I stared a little too long

I won’t start living in time to die
I’ll never see this world without tears
I can’t pretend that things will work out
I’ve been trapped in this sadness for years
But then, I suppose I reached for too many stars

I sense the open door
I hear songs that I long to sing
I taste the breath of storybook love
But I still bleed beneath my scars
So I won’t play the part I’d like to
I’ll never overcome my imperfections
I can’t begin again with so much left to conquer
I’ve been stripped of my innocence
But then, I suppose I was guilty all along

Poetry from Thought-Box by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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