The Ripples Remained

In the beginning I knew you not as a stranger
You were a mind and two eyes in the kingdom of love
And tis we who invited distance
with that decision to fall;
an urge to soar through clouds in dreams
But where gravity’s nearing
and chaos is prowling,
harmony rises up against the stream

I saw a knife in my back,
but only ever in my shadow
Your blind strut moves
into the throws of my memories
with eyes glimmering and wide
Yet your presence doesn’t seem
to mind seeing through me,
as you keep taking hold of my hand

And hearts must be so afraid to love like they do
For never before you was I afraid
Now I’ve all the love I’ll ever need
So today, as tomorrow
(and so on, and so forth)
Passing, one moment to the next
Passing like spring, to come again next fall
Never fearless

But on the north shore we rise
to set west in the mountains,
and live this love freely
As it was in the beginning,
so shall it be in the end

Poetry from Fancy Gravity by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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