Suffer Me

Hello again
Is that what you’ve missed?
Is there more you were hoping for?
Stop dancing around your craving, and cave already
Confess to the tightrope you’re walking on;
pretending you’ve had your feet on solid ground
all these lonesome years
For I already know the truth of you
Your eyes still give you away
And I wouldn’t be here now were I unprepared
to slake your ache with salty submission

So tell me, little lady
Tell me how many times you’ve imagined
my hand up your dress,
my heat by your fire,
my length in your measure
There are only so many clasps
on that corset containing you
I could have them unfastened in no time,
but then it would be your turn to come undone
And, as you may recall, I shoot to kill
I aim to fill
I rarely stop at the finish line

I'll pour your lust upon my lips,
and drink your beauty out of supply
I'll make wax of you, here in my lap;
melt you down like Oz's wicked witch,
then let my wick burn its hole in you
until we are both blanketed
in the darkness of a new day
But first you must open that pretty mouth,
and own up to what you never stopped needing
Simply say those simple words,
and I will give every inch of me
A promise as sure as the name you’ll soon be screaming...
yet again

Poetry from The Astrals by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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